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TOMCATS - Rock This Town (Vol. 1)

March 29, 1980...

I hadn't even been born when the Tomcats - first name the band had before becoming Stray Cats - were rocking & rolling the NY area...

During the upcoming days (I guess 8-9), I'll be posting the 7 + 1 volume collection of Collectables Live Recordings. This collection includes 7 live shows and 1 compilation from those previous 7 volumes. If possible, I will post some live songs as well.

Just for the record, Brian Setzer sued Collectables Records back in 1997, when this collection was released. The reason was that the Bloodless Pharaohs CD was edited in order to help one of the band members, but the company did also release all these shows without consulting anybody. Apparently, Brian did not get any compensation but it was established that no more CDs would ever be sold from this collection.... however, it seems that the company made quite a few copies!!

As for us, the collectors, the price this collection can reach is variable but not extremely expensive. The CDs are from time to time on Ebay and if you are patient and a good surfer, Google might be the key for your search... at least this is what helped me!! Anyway, if interested in getting any of these volumes, let me know and I'll try to do my best to help you.

As I was saying, "Rock This Town" is the first volume to this collection. Recorded live on March 29, 1980 at New York City's TKs Place, it contains a great dose of Rock & Roll. Just click on the back insert to enlarge the image and you'll see the set list used that evening. Sound quality in my opinion is 8/10 for what a soundboard recording (or was it an audience rec.?) was a that time.



Hope you like it!
More to come soon,

Slim "Jon" Phantom

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